Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Five Reasons To Practice Bikram More In Summer

Summer's here, the heat is up, and we're all feeling ready to sweat. In fact I'm feeling sweaty already, and I'm not even in the yoga room yet (give me 47 minutes and I'll be there!)

Now you might be thinking that summertime means less Bikram-ing (yes, that's a word. I checked). That because it's starting to warm up outdoors you're best off avoiding the hot yoga room. After all, why would you want to go into a deliberately heated environment when you're already sweltering?

Five Reasons Why Summer Bikram-ing Is Amazing
  1. Your muscles are already warm. Not only this, your joints are more flexible and your ligaments are nice and juicy. I've had some of my best classes on over 40 degree Celsius days.
  2. Worried that the outdoor-heat has zapped you of your yogi energy? We've all had days when the heat makes us feel super-sleep and we can't be bothered exercising. Guess what? This is one of the BEST reasons for practicing yoga during Summer. That relaxed 'can't-be-bothered' attitude can transform into a relaxed and therefore enhanced practice. I'll bet you can remember a class when you came in expecting very little and walked out feeling amazing, can't you? Same sort of thing applies here.
  3. On super-hot Aussie Summer days, it can actually be slightly cooler in the Bikram room! I remember walking in to practice on NY day last year (oh, actually it was this year - just!) and thinking what a relief it was to get into the room and out of the heat!
  4. You will release toxins faster. Your body is warmer, you start sweating sooner, and you lose more of the stuff. 'Nuff said. (Just don't forget to be super-hydrated before and after class, and add some replacement minerals to your during-class water).
  5. It's holidays for most of us, and that means a little more time to relax, to play, and to look after our health. It can also means a little more drinking and merry-making. I know you want to head into the New Year feeling amazing and proud of how you look after your health. Now if that's not a great reason to practice all Summer long, then I don't know what is!
I'll have to leave it there, I'm afraid. It's NYE and I've 29 minutes to get to Fitzroy Bikram before the re-tox begins tonight (hey, we're all allowed to let our hair down on NYE!)

See you next year -

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*I hope you're okay with me deviating from the 'Food for Yoga' theme. Next post I'll be sharing my 5 favourite Summer post-Bikram breakies. Try saying that 5 times fast!

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